Category 1 : STUDENT PILOT


–  Thai national, male, not over 30 years of age (date of birth from 1 October, 1987 onwards)

–  Exempt from military service

–  University graduate with a bachelor's degree

–  Acquisition of TOEIC or THAI TEP. Validity must be from March 2016 onwards.

      *   TOEIC test score of 650 & above

      *   THAI TEP test score of 63 & above

 (THAI Test of English Proficiency is developed to follow THAI’s English proficiency standard.)

–  Excellent health and good eyesight

–  Minimum height of 165 cms

–  No criminal records at the Royal Thai Police. Should any criminal or drunk driving records be found and such actions are considered harmful to the air safety or immoral to the pilot career, the company reserves the right to disqualify the candidate.


Applicants must follow the below instructions:

Step 1 : Application

1. Application is via internet ONLY

2. After applying and printing out a pay-in slip for the application fee, applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of THB 1,000.- Payment shall be made at any Krungthai Bank branch.

3. Individually-assigned identification period to submit the printed application form to the recruitment staff will be 27 – 31 Mar 2017.

4. Place and time to proceed the identification (by appointment only)

     –      Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

          89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road

          Bangkok 10900

          Building 3, Floor 11

          08.30-12.00 and 13.30-16.30

–      EXCEPT weekends and public holidays

5. Each applicant will be given an applicant's ID to carry throughout the recruitment process.


Step 2 : Basic Knowledge Test

(Technical Comprehension Tests & Basic Aptitude Test)

–  Applicants will be given three sets of tests:

1. Tests of subject areas essential in pilot work namely mathematics, logics, natural science and technical. The tests also include general knowledge and THAI’s general information.

2. Basic Aptitude Test such as Speed of Perception, Spatial Orientation, Memory, and Logical Thinking Test. etc.

–  Applicants must be at the test room on time. They must be properly attired and carry their applicant’s ID and personal identity card. Writing instruments, computers, calculators, mobile phones, electronic devices and other personal belongings are not allowed in the test room.

–  Results of the Basic Knowledge Test will be announced in the website.

–  Applicants must pass the Basic Knowledge Test in order to qualify for Step 3, Interview.


Step 3 : Interview

–      Applicants will be interviewed by the THAI Pilot Selection Committee.

–      Applicants must be at the interview room on time. They must be properly attired and carry their applicant’s ID and personal identity card.

–      Results of the interview will be announced in the website.

–      Applicants must pass the interview to qualify for Step 4, Medical Examination.


Step 4 : Medical Examination

–      Applicants will be required to undergo a medical examination at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Royal Thai Air Force (a four-storey building on the left of Bhumiphol Hospital), 171 Phaholyotin Road, Bangkok 10220

–      A non-refundable medical-examination fee will be paid by the applicant on the date of the examination.

–      Preparation guideline for the medical examination is to abstain from food 12 hours prior to the medical examination. A small amount of water may be consumed, if absolutely necessary.

–      Applicants must be in proper attire and bring along their applicant’s ID, identity card and writing instruments.

–      Results of the medical examination will be announced in the website. 
–      Applicants must pass the medical examination in order to qualify for step 6, Pilot Aptitude Tes

Step 5 : Document Submission

Before taking the Pilot Aptitude Test, applicants must submit required documents as follows :

1.      ORIGINAL documents, with one copy of each are: 

–      Four colored one–inch photos (taken within three months prior to the application date)
–      Identity Card or Government Employee Card 
–      House Registration Certificate 
–      Documents of exemption from military service (สด.8 or สด.43)
–      Transcript 
–      Degree Certificate or Certificate of expected graduation.
–        Certified score report of *TOEIC or *THAI TEP. Validity must be from March 2016 onwards.
    *    TOEIC test score of 650 or above
    *    THAI TEP test score of 63 or above
         (THAI Test of English Proficiency is developed to follow THAI’s English proficiency standard.)

2.      Place and time to submit the completed application form: (by appointment only)

–      Thai Airways International Public Company Limited
       89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road Bangkok 10900
       Building 3, Floor 11 
       08.30-12.00 and 13.30-16.30
–      EXCEPT weekends and public holidays


Step 6 : Pilot Aptitude Test

–      In compliance with international regulations that require professional airline pilots to pass the Pilot Aptitude & Civil Aviation Psychological Tests, Thai Airways International has commissioned a team of behavior scientists and psychologists from SIAP (Scandinavian Institute of Aviation Psychology), Sweden to assess the suitability of applicants to assume the job.

–     The Aptitude Test includes three steps as follows:


Step 6.1 Written Test

The written aptitude test is used to assess the applicants’ basic skills required for airline pilot work. It works as a screening out instrument covering areas such as Technical Comprehension, Perceptual Speed and Accuracy, Instrument Reading, Logical Ability, Spatial Ability, Short Term Memory and Numerical Understanding etc.


Step 6.2 Teamwork Exercise

Through different teamwork exercise, the test evaluates how the applicants cooperate, communicate and act.  The ability to work in team and to execute leadership when needed has become essential in a high-tech and changing cockpit environment.  In a group of five to seven persons, the applicants are given tasks to solve by collaborating with each other.  Crucial areas that are covered in teamwork exercise are Cooperation/Teamwork Capacity and Attitude, Initiative/Pro-activity, Leadership, Drive/Motivation, Goal Orientation, Attentiveness, Decision Making and Communication Skills.


Step 6.3 Individual Examination

The last process of the Aptitude Test includes Computer Based Pilot Ability Test and Personal Interview.  The former is designed to measure the applicants’ operational skills such as simultaneous capacity, stress tolerance, spatial ability, Vigilance and Alertness etc.  The latter is a semi-structured interview that is organized so that the applicant is given the opportunity to expose reflections and opinions, life history and goals.  Before the interview, the psychologist has collected all biographical information and results from all the previous steps.  All facts information in combination with the information given by this concentrated individual interaction with the candidate displays the strengths and weaknesses of the applicants’ capabilities and potentials for pilot work.





Step 7 : Aviation Psychological Test

The Department of Civil Aviation’s current regulation requires that all pilot candidates must pass their physical and mental check by the Institute of Aviation Medicine before they become eligible to hold Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

The Physical and Mental Check comprises the following:

1.      Aviation Psychological Group Test (date to be advised)

–        The test will be held at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Royal Thai Air Force during 08.00-12.00 The pilot candidates are recommended to have their breakfast and be at the test room no later than 07.30 They must bring along their identity cards and writing instruments.

–        A non-refundable test fee of THB 1,500.- per person will be paid by each pilot candidate on the test date.

2.      Aviation Psychological Individual Interview

–        The Interview will be arranged by Medical Psychologists. Date and time of the interview will be advised.

Results of the Pilot Aptitude Psychological Tests will be reviewed by the Selection Board before the candidates undergo their flight training.