Final result of Written Aptitude Group test and Team work Exercise Pilot 2014

Final result of Written Aptitude Group test and Team Work Exercise

Pilot 2014


The following candidates have passed and will continue to the Individual Examinations held at Chaophya Park Hotel the following dates and times.

The candidates are requested to wait in the lounge on the 16th floor to be picked up by the professors.

NOTE!! Check carefully for your name!


Announcement for Psychological SP 2014




The Aviation Resources Development Department is pleased to announce that the following 111 Student Pilot applicants have passed their APTITUDE TEST – Individual Examination and are eligible to proceed to the next step :


·  Criminal Record Check


1. Criminal Record Check

- The 111 eligible Student Pilot applicants are scheduled to report themselves and receive the document for checking the Criminal Record at THAI’s Head Office on Friday 5 September 2014, at Meeting Room, 26th  floor Building 5 at 1330 hours.

- The Criminal Record Check will be processed at the Royal Thai Police

- The check date will be individually notified on 5 September 2014

2. Aviation Psychological Group Test.

Group 1 : Test on Monday 8 September 2014 (81 applicants)

Group 2 : Test on Wednesday 25 March 2015 (30 applicants)

-  The test will be held at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, RTAF, Briefing Room 1, 3rd floor, during 0800 – 1200 hours. The candidates are recommended to have breakfast and be at the briefing room no later than 0730 hours.

-  The candidates must bring along a one-inch photograph, identity card, eye glasses and writing instruments including eraser.

-  A non-refundable test fee of THB 1,500.- per person will be paid by each candidate on the day of the test.

3. After the Aviation Psychological Group Test, individually tested. Each candidate will also be the Aviation Psychological Individual Test date  will be individually notified on Aviation Psychological Group Test date at Institute of Aviation Medicine, RTAF.


The Final results, The Aviation Psychological Test and Criminal Record Check results will be available via .

Group 1 : 31 October  2014

Group 2 : 1 May 2015